The Tibetan
Policy 2014

Department of Home, CTA Dharamshala

An Introduction

The Department of Home, the second of the seven CTA Departments, is responsible for all the rehabilitation schemes for Tibetans in exile. It looks after 21 agricultural settlements, 11 cluster units, eight agro-industries and four carpet-weaving cooperatives in India. In addition, the department looks after 20 Tibetan settlements and handicraft societies in Nepal and Bhutan.

The Department works in close cooperation with the Government of India and international organizations involved in helping Tibetans to improve their lot. Employment generation and promoting self-reliance among the Tibetan populace has been the chief task of the Department since it came into being. People at the grassroots level have the right to either elect their own settlement/welfare officers or request appointees from the Home Department. Thus far, most of the settlements have decided in favour of appointees from the Department. However, the CTA is making concerted efforts to encourage people to elect their own grassroots level heads, as this is seen to be an essential milestone on the way to Tibetan political maturity.

The Home Department is also working on a detailed plan to streamline the cooperative societies to make them completely self-reliant. Responsible for buying inputs and marketing the outputs of respective settlements, the cooperatives presently depend on the Home Department for managerial personnel and financial assistance whenever they face the prospect of bankruptcy.

In tandem with other projects, the department plans to replace the existing chemical-oriented farming practice with organic and natural farming.

Our Vision

We envision sustainable, democratic, communities in exile, engaged in dynamic, modern economies and practicing organic, natural farming, in which we can live respecting our common cultural and religious heritage while unifying in preparation for an ultimate return to democratic Tibet.


L I S T   O F   K A L O N S
Sno. Name From To
1 Phala Thupten Yonten 21-Sep-1960 01-Aug-1963
2 Kheme Sonam Wangdue (Deputy Kalon) 02-Aug-1963 19-Feb-1964
3 Wangdue Dorjee 20-Feb-1964 ??-Jan-1983
4 Tashi Wangdi ??-Jan-1983 ??-Jan-1985
5 Juchen Thupten Namgyal (Katri) ??-Jan-1985 ??-May-1990
6 Kelsang Yeshi (Katri) 17-May-1990 28-Jun-1991
7 Tenzin Namgyal Tethong ??-Aug-1991 ??-Jan-1993
8 Rinchen Khando Choegyal ??-Feb-1993 ??-Aug-1993
9 Sonam Topgyal (Katri) ??-Aug-1993 ??-Apr-1994
10 Tashi Wangdi ??-Feb-1994 ??-Apr-1997
11 Samkhar Yangkyi ??-Apr-1997 ??-Aug-1999
12 Tashi Wangdi ??-Aug-1999 ??-Sep-1999
13 Tenpa Tsering 23-Sep-1999 04-Aug-2001
14 Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche (Katri) 04-Aug-2001 19-Sep-2001
15 Lobsang Nyima 20-Sep-2001 04-Mar-2005
16 Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche (Katri) 05-Mar-2005 ??-Sep-2006
17 Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche (Katri) ??-Sep-2006 08-Aug-2011
18 Dr. Lobsang Sengye (Katri) 09-Aug-2011 17-Aug-2011
19 Gyari Dolma 18-Aug-2011 26-May-2016
20 Sonam Topgyal Khorlatsang 01-Jun-2016 --Current--

L I S T   O F   E X E C U T I V E   S E C R E T A R I E S
Sno. Name From To
1 Thupten Sangye 01-Aug-1963 -- / -- / ----
2 Sonam Paljor 01-Aug-1963 ??-Jul-1966
3 Tsering Paljor 30-Apr-1966 30-Jun-1968
4 Gyaltsen Choedhen ??-Jan-1969 30-Nov-1975
5 Kunchok Samten 01-Dec-1975 31-Dec-1977
6 Tashi Topgyal 01-Nov-1978 08-Dec-1982
7 Dho-Ngag Tenzin 09-Dec-1982 01-Aug-1990
8 Tashi Phuntsok 04-Aug-1990 10-Jun-1994
9 Jampa Choejor 15-Jul-1994 25-Dec-1996
10 Tsering Wangyal 18-Dec-1996 18-Oct-1999
11 Ngodup Tsering 15-Oct-1999 21-Apr-2000
12 Jigme Jungney 22-Apr-2000 11-Apr-2002
13 Tsering Dhondup 12-Apr-2002 04-Oct-2007
14 Ngodup Dorjee 05-Oct-2007 29-Feb-2012
15 Sonam Topgyal 01-Mar-2012 31-May-2016
16 Chhimey Rigzen 19-May-2017 29-Nov-2018
17 Wangdu Tsering 01-Dec-2018 --Current--