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A: YES Skill Training:

Every Year we provide various skills training to 100 - 110 students from all the Tibetan Settlements in India. Nepal and Bhutan can't be included due to many reasons. Click that link provided at the left for more and the forms to be filled by applicants when the skill training announcements are made depending upon the duration of the courses.

B: YES Micro-credit:

One of the main aim of CTA, Dharamsala is to make our young unemployed Tibetan Youths to be able to stand on their own feet by motivating entrepreneurship by providing soft loan to those who want to setup their own enterprises within the Settlement or within the diameter of 3 Kms from the settlement thus contributing to the sustainable Tibetan Settlements. The applicant can be of individual and group. Minimum loan that can be applied is Rs. Onle Lakh to the maximum of Rs. 5 lakhs to a more than three in groups.

Priorities are given to those unemployed youths who have successfully completed skill training opportunities at Institute for Small Trade & Learning, Nelamangala, Bangalore - Karnataka State.

C: Agriculture Loan:

One of the main aim of CTA, Dharamsala is to make our settlements viable and sustainable and for this CTRC has formaulated a policy by which anyone interested in farming can avail this opportunity.

PAP: (Protected Area Permit) & ILP (Inner Line Permit)

All the Tibetan settlements established in India are classified as Protected Areas. Foreign friends of Tibetans wishing to visit the Tibetan settlements are required to take note of the following:

Protected Area Permit (PAP) is mandatory for any foreigners to visit Tibetan Settlements in India. This service is provided free of cost by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.

PAP could be applied through the Indian Missions in your respective countries or directly to the Ministry of Home Affairs, Jaisalmer House, Mansingh Road, New Delhi - 11, through the PAP application form along with copies of your passport, visa details and two passport size photographs.

Processing of PAP application takes about 4 - 8 weeks.

You can download ILP from and PAP form from