YES Revolving Loan Forms

Certain norms are formulated for applying loan. The programme is open to all the people falling in the age range of 18 years minimum and 40 years maximum. However, priorities are given to those who have undergone skill training under the Department of Home's YES Skill Training Programme and looking forward to setting up the same enterprise within their own settlement or a radius of 300 Kms from the settlement. Detailed business plan is required to be submitted as per the given business plan format. The ceiling for the micro-credit is set at Rs. 100,000/- for an individual enterprise, Rs. 300,000/- for a partnership of 2 or 3 people, and Rs. 500,000/- for a group of more than 3 people. As the programme is entirely meant for empowerment purpose, the interest charged on the capital is barely 3% per annum with the maximum repayment duration of 5 years. The repayment schedule is mandatory for each loan depending upon the nature of the enterprises.

FORMS to download (⇓) Descriptions
[ Annexure "KA-PA" ] 2 pages Loan Application Form. (in English) This is the main Loan Application Form. It must be attached with a recent taken photograph
[ Annexure "KHA-PA" ] 3 pages SURETY Form. Once the Loan application is approved, YES will inform the individual or the Group accordingly and ask to make these in Court-paper. This Court-paper must be made only after the Loan Application is approved by the CTRC YES Loan Committee
[ Annexure "GA-PA" ] 1 page Promisory Note. Promisory Note (In English).
[ Annexure "NGA-PA" ] 1 page Supporting Letter on Office Letterpad. A letter on office letter-pad giving Assurance & Recommendation of having fully studied the case(s) by all the LOCAL YES LOAN COMMITTEE members with signatures. (In Tibetan)
[ ZIP format ] (size: 1.29 Mb) ZIP format. This .zip file contains all the four FORMS mentioned above. For this you need to use programmes like WinZip, WinRAR, 7Zip etc. to unzip the files contained in it.