YES Skills Training Forms

All the Application and Forms for YES Skill training MUST be applied through one's own Settlement Office. Department of Home DO NOT invite or accept any direct or individual applications.

Various trainings are provided to 100-110 unemployed and school drop-out youths every year in an average of 2 batches. The training opportunity is open to all the Tibetan Settlements in India. The duration of the training varies from 3 months to 6 months to some even up to 18 months depending upon the time and requirements of an individual course/skill. All the FORMS whether Skill training or Micro-Credit have been sent to all the Tibetan Settlement Office. However, those who are not able to obtain the forms from their respective settlement office, they can be downloaded from here as under:

Description Download from here ↓
Skill Training Application [ Application Form ] 1 page
Medical Fitness Report [ Medical Report Form ] 1 page
Letter of Undertaking [ Letter of Undertaking ] 1 page
Assurance FORM [ Assurance Form ] 1 page (in Tibetan)
Confidential Report: This FORM (2 pages) should NOT be given to the individual applicant. This must filled in by a competent authorities like the Village leaders as specified and must be approved by the settlement officer. Whosoever is authorised to fill this form, MUST keep in mind that the best and the most deserving applicants are recommended depending upon his/her interest and MORAL character. Most importantly they must see that the applicants using abused drugs, alcohol etc. are stopped right from there itself. If they can't they must clearly mention the case in the confidential form (We keep these confidential forms secret from the applicants) so that we can stop them from poluting the training center. The success of this programme depends upon what kind of trainees you sent/recommend to the training center at ISTL Nelamangla. Therefore, if you feel that this programme should continue for many years to come one must also see that only the best and most deserving applicants are selected and recommended. If we find that this form is filled in by the applicant himself/herself then his/her forms will be rejected rightaway.