Administrative Division:

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This Division consist of the following sections:

  1. General Administration & Settlement Coordinator section »
  2. Account section »
  3. Internal Audit section »
  4. Plannning & Development section »
  5. Housing & Estate section »

I: General Administration & Settlement Coordinator section

This section is manned by a section head and seven subordinate dealing staffs each assigned with 9 to 10 Tibetan Settlements and Cluster/Scattered Communities in India, Nepal and Bhutan. This section is responsible for overseeing and handling overall administrative work of the department and the Tibetan Settlement Officers (TSO) as listed below.

  • Overseeing and tracking progress on implementation of the Tibetan Rehabilitation Policy-2014 formulated by Ministry of Home Affairs, GoI for the Tibetan settlements in India. It sends directives to the concerned settlement officers from time to time to enable them to receive benefits from the Central & respective state governments as per TRP-2014 and seeks updates from respective settlements officers to track their progress.
  • Examining, editing and compiling annual reports received from the TSOs and submits the finalized reports to the Tibetan Parliamentary secretariat within the dateline of June end of every financial year.
  • Answering questions and queries from the Tibetan Parliament on the annual reports of the Tibetan settlements and any such queries from parliamentarian's official visits to the Settlements.
  • Handling immigration processes of 1000 individuals from four Tibetan Settlements in Arunachal Pradesh for resettlement in Canada under the Canada Resettlement Project.
  • Organizing 4 day General Body Meeting of Settlement Officers held once every two years.
  • Proposing appointment of staff of CTRC, local (Rangkhong), temporary and daily wagers in both central and branch offices. Staff's retirement, resignation, releasing of provident fund and service gratuity are also processed by this division. Appointment and resignation of the staff of crèche and day schools are also managed by this section.
  • Preparing and submitting annual budget proposal of both the Department and TSOs to the Account Section for further submission to the concern authorities. It also facilitates purchasing vehicle, furniture and other necessary inventories for Settlement offices.
  • Handles matters relating to land disputes settlements.
  • Sending directives to all the Settlement officers on matters relating to rules & regulations of housing & estate management in the settlements.
  • Seeking administrative approval for the receipt and utility of foreign contribution, and execution of the prospective projects of the TSOs.
  • Delivering Kashag's statements for the official events to all the TSOs.
  • Seeking sanction for the Settlement officer's outstation official visits.
  • Receiving visitors and giving introduction on the Department and the functions of various sections in the Department.
  • Issuing recommendation letters to sweater seller, research student and other such visitors as per their needs.
  • Issuing service certificate to respective village and camp leaders in the Settlements.
  • Giving CTRC owned houses on lease, renewing agreements and collecting house rents from the respective tenants.
  • Registering incoming letters of all sections and distributing them to the concerned sections.
  • Keeping records of the status of creation, exchange and sanction of staff post of the Department and the TSOs.
  • Distribution, collection and submission of staff annual confidential report (ACR).
  • Compiling and distributing annual calendar to all the sections.
  • Organizing prayer recitations and submitting reports to the Dept. of Religion & Culture, CTA.
  • Collecting list of new arrivals from Tibet and make entry in the Department's database.
  • Opening subject file for all the sections when required and keeping cutsody of closed subject files.

II: Account section

This section comprises of 5 staffs including a Chief Accountant.

Their main responsibilities are:

  • Preparation and consolidation of overall CTRC, Department of Home (CTA) budgets, Budget preparation of 7 settlements without Local Tibetan Assembly, recurring budget of 32 settlement and 28 Local Tibetan Assembly.
  • Preparation and consolidation of CTRC financial statement inclusive of 36 units and present it to registrar, Office of the Auditor General (CTA), Charter Accountant and other interested parties
  • Foreign contribution quarterly remittance and yearly return filing to Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.
  • Financial assistance for stipends, scholarship, donations, agricultural, social and welfare projects are timely dispersed to the beneficiary units.
  • Providing assistance to the auditors while conducting Audit and clarification of audit observations.
  • Compliance of audit report and Public Accounts Committee's (TPiE's) report from time to time.

III: Internal Audit section

This section currently consist of two staffs - a Section officer and an Office assistant.

Responsibility of this section:

  • To make a thorough scrutiny of Audit Report of 47 settlements, 15 Cooperatives and 15 Handicraft and Industry sectors.
  • To prepare Audit Report reply of settlements and cooperatives office to Honorable TPiE's Public Account Committees within stipulated time.
  • To visit settlement(s) having problem of Accounting as per Audit report and help them to solve the problems before the start of next audit.

IV: Plannning & Development section


Infrastructural and Socio Economic Development of the settlements in exile.


  • Appraisal of project proposals from settlements and further submission to Core Development Committee (CDC) for its approval.
  • To raise required fund for the approved project by CDC.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the completed and on-going projects.
  • Reporting to the donor agency on the on-going projects from time to time.
  • Submission of final completion report along with financial statement to the donor agency.

Socio Economic Development of settlements in exile:

HOUSING New Constructions
Wind Mill
Bio Gas
ROADS & BRIDGES New Constructions


  • Housing construction for 76 families of New Arrival from Tibet at Bir. Total Project cost Rs. 768 Lakh. [see the image here]
  • Construction of residence for Ex. political prisoners & Staff Quarters of Welfare Office, Dharamsala. Total project cost Rs. 176 Lakh [see the image here]
  • Construction of Staff Quarter, Lugsum Bylakuppe. Total project cost Rs. 53.56 Lakh [see the image here]
  • Construction of Staff Quarter, Hunsur. Total project cost 20 Lakh [see the image here]
  • Construction of 10 Retired Staff Quarter, Bylakuppe. Total project cost Rs. 257 Lakh [see the image here]
  • Construction of Community Hall, Dickyiling. Total project cost 66 Lakh [see the image here]
  • Construction of Jangthang Co-ordinator office, Ladakh. Total project cost Rs. 23.70 Lakh [see the image here]
  • Construction of Community Hall, Jai Gaon. Total project cost Rs. 39.76 Lakh [see the image here]
  • Construction of Guest House, Satuan. Total project cost Rs. 29.89 Lakh [see the image here]
  • Office Renovation, Tashijong. Total Project cost 20 Lakh
  • Community Hall Renovation, Bir Dege. Total project cost Rs. 24.40 Lakh
  • Office Renovation, Odisha. Total project cost Rs. 17.80 Lakh
  • Office Construction, Mungod. Total project cost Rs. 72.59 Lakh
  • Installation of Solar Street Light, lugsum Byalakuppe. Project cost 2.10 Lakh
  • Installation of Solar Street Light, Delar Bylakuppe. Project cost Rs. 1.80 Lakh

ON-GOING Projects:

  • Housing construction for 80 Families of New Arrival Tibetans in Bylakuppe. Total project cost Rs. 482 Lakh
  • Construction of Staff Quarter, Bir Tibetan Society. Project cost Rs. 8.00 Lakh
  • Construction of Community Hall at Goyul, Jangthang. Total project cost 11.60 Lakh
  • Construction of Retaining Wall, Tashijong. Total project cost Rs. 39.60 Lakh
  • Housing Renovation, Poanta Cholsim. Total project cost 27.10 Lakh
  • Construction of Bridge at Camp no. 6, Ladakh. Total project cost Rs. 7.45 Lakh
  • Housing Construction for 116 Families in Dehradun. Total project cost Rs. 1400 Lakh
  • Integrated Settlement Development Plan (ISDP) »
  • Work Force Information System (WFIS) »
  • Office Renovation, Gangtok. Total project cost Rs. 48.51 Lakh
  • Construction of 5 Retired Staff Quarter, Bylakuppe Total cost Rs. 84.50 Lakh

SISTER Shichak

S.No: Settlement Tibetan Association in Abroad
1 Sonamling, Ladakh France
2 Norgyeling, Bandhara New York & New Jersey, USA
3 Rabgyeling, Hunsur New York & New Jersey, USA
4 Kunphenling, Rawangla Belgium
5 Dhargyeling, Tezu Botson, USA
6 Dhorpatan, Nepal California, USA
7 Phuntsokling, Odisha Portland, USA
8 Rasuwa, Nepal Colorado, USA

V: Housing & Estate (CTA) section

INTRODUCTION: In 1967 this section was under the Security Department and named as House & Works Department in Gangchen Kyisong, Dharamsala. Later in 1982, this section was transferred to Public Service Management to look after the Welfare of the CTA staffs. Since 1998, Housing & Estate unit was run under the Department of Home, CTA.

Role & Responsibilities of Housing & Estate Unit

  • To supervise the land & buildings of CTA, Dharamsala (H.P.).
  • Mutation of CTA land in the name of His Holiness the Dalai Lama's Central Tibetan Relief Committee (CTRC).
  • To deposit Land & House Tax of CTA to the Municipal Cooperation, Dharamsala (H.P.) annually.
  • To collect and deposit electricity bills of CTA's Departments and staff quarters to HPSEB Dharamsala (HP).
  • Distribution of furniture to CTA staff as per allotment and needs.
  • To look after the Construction works of CTA:
    • To Obtain permission from all the related Indian departments like Town & Country Planning Department, HPSEB etc. at Dharamshala (H.P.),
    • To Tender call, prepare agreement with contractor,
    • To maintain accounts and submission of Budget of construction works.
  • To maintain and renovation of CTA staff Quarters and street lights.
  • Arrangement of Staff & Retired quarters distribution committee meeting by our Unit.
  • Arrangement of rooms for Chitue (MP) and Press reporters during the parliament session at Dharamsala (HP).
  • Appointment of Gangkyi Secretariat area night watchmen by the Committee.
  • Arrangement of retired staff quarters or lumpsum payment for renovation for owned house of retired CTA staffs.