CRO Yangchen Gatselling Tibetan Settlement, Shimla

A brief story of Yangchen Gatselling, Shimla:


In the early sixties a group of Tibetans known by Chikdril-Tsokpa or (United Organization) has started Tibetan Handicrafts center at Shimla, mainly making Tibetan hand-made carpets and resided at Summer hill in Shimla. This Handicraft Center was registered in 1972 under the Indian Registration Society Act of 1860 with assistance from Department of Home, Central Tibetan Administration Dharamsala.


This Handicraft Center is located at a place called Panthagati of Kasumpti, capital city of Himachal Pradesh. The altitude of the area is 7500ft above sea level and Average temperature: 30° to 20°C with 1024.8mm average annual rainfall.


Present population: 1693


The main source of income of the center is through the sales of products.Most of the weavers and other staff members also go for sweater selling business for three months during the winter season.

Thubten Dorje Drak, Nyingma Monastery, Shimla - Himachal Pradesh

Facilities in the settlement:

Administrative setup:

CTA Representative
Tibetan Welfare officer Cum Managing Director of the Handicraft Center is sole representative deputed by the Central Tibetan Administration, Dharamsala at the area. He is the overall incharge of the maintaining law and order to socio-economic development at the region in all aspects under policy and guidance of CTA. This office also acts as a liaison between CTA, settlers and other outside authority.

Local Assembly
The Tibetans at the area possess an elected Local Assembly members and these members represents the tibetan settlers. The local Assembly members hold session with CTA Representative twice in year and during the session they can raise questions and discuss on important issue in the assembly. CTA Representative takes all major decisions in consultation with the local Assembly members.

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